FFVIII Bosses - Sacred & Minotaur

The Tomb of the Unknown King is a mandatory detour, but you only have to go down one hallway to find what you’re after and advance the game’s storyline. However, if you choose to continue exploring the tomb, you might stumble upon Sacred and Minotaur, the brothers that guard the tomb’s titular unknown king.

Sacred and Minotaur are Earth elementals, which means in addition to being resistant to Earth magic (if you have any), they autoheal for a small amount every couple of turns as long as they’re standing on the ground. The obvious solution to this problem is to sever their connection to the ground with Float, which can be easily acquired from the conveniently placed Float draw point just outside the entrance.

Apart from that, their strategies are fairly basic. They both use very damaging physical attacks, but the danger of this can be negated with Protect, which can be drawn from either of them. Their special attack, Mad Cow Special, ignores Protect, but can be avoided by being in Float status.

If you defeat Sacred and Minotaur, they join you as the two-in-one Brothers GF, one of my personal favorites if only because the animation is priceless.

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