Wiegraf at Orbonne Monastery
From birth you have wanted for nothing! You can not know what it is to live the meager life we do. Reason may trick you to believe you do, but your heart can never know!”

Ah, Velius. The Lucavi every FFT fan enjoys a love/hate relationship with. During the battle in Orbonne Monastery’s underground book storage, Wiegraf hits on a key truth- Ramza may think himself a hero of the downtrodden, but he’s never known hardship himself, not the way Wiegraf and his late sister have. All his high-minded concepts and youthful ideals are painfully naive in the face of cruel, brutal reality. Sure, you can stick to your principals, never wavering in the face of temptation… If you’re born a Beoulve. If you’re unlucky enough to be born a commoner, you’re not left with nearly so many options.

You can almost sympathize with his decision to bind his soul to the Aries Zodiac Stone, thus giving Velius a mortal body to possess. Almost, but not quite. 

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    You feel so sorry for Wiegraf… and then you get to Riovanes and he kills you in one hit. EIGHT HUNDRED TIMES IN A ROW.
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    I love this man so much. Thank you for this ;___;
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    A tragic villain of the highest order. You barely even classify him as one. Antagonist, sure, but good lord did he have...
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    I think this game proves that games can be used to tell a story. FFT is so deep.
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